What the Dragonfly Told Me


By Andrew Lawrence Crown


Copyright © Andrew Lawrence Crown, 2007. All rights reserved.



Bend down, arch down

Down toward the glass surfaced pond

Not a ripple disturbs your amorous gaze

Lower now still to witness your birth anew

And with this strange metamorphosis the death of the human

Impossible as it is to see your own face

In the reflection transformed by this intense adoration

Your arm, it is now a stem

Your hand is a leaf

Above you hovers the dragonfly

A rainbow of color shimmering humming vibrations on cellophane wings

He has found your scent hanging as it is on a drop of dew

Take care fair flower, the shimmering rainbow hides a barb

The sharpened bitter sting of dreams unrealized

Ambition foiled

Hope given over

To sullen resignation

See now how lovely you bloom beneath the dragon

Good luck that he is to warm your cold solitude with his dragonís fire

Yes I grant, you do claim yourself

But can oneself be enough

On this your friendless earth

Fixed as you are to the ground by your roots

Unable to flee from fate earth born

Your withering death

For the dragon has told me in his whispered hum

Only in heavenly paradise

Do flowers bloom forever