Andrew Lawrence Crown




Loyola University of Chicago

Secondary Education Teacher Certification Program, December 1999
GPA: 4.0 out of 4.0
Completed student teaching practicum at Lincoln Park High School, Chicago, Illinois
Obtained Illinois teaching certification in high school political science, history, and social studies

The University of Chicago

M.A. Political Science, December 1993
GPA: 3.7 out of 4.0
Focus on political theory, American government, and race relations
M.A. Thesis: Racial Residential Segregation and Racial Meaning in South Shore

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

B.A. Political Science, Economics Minor, May 1991
GPA: 3.95 out of 4.0
Summa Cum Laude


Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

University of Chicago Century Scholarship (Full Tuition)
General Foods Scholarship
Kosciuszco Foundation Scholarship
Charles E. Merriam Scholarship
Robert E. Bierma Scholarship
Summa Cum Laude (University of Illinois Honors)
Bronze Tablet Scholar (University of Illinois Honors)
Phi Beta Kappa
Phi Kappa Phi
Alpha Lambda Delta
Dean's List



Assistant Professor of English, Gyeongju University

March 2012 to Present, Gyeongju, South Korea


English Debate

English Through Speech

TOEIC Speaking

World Festivals

English for International Interviews

Global English Conversation

Global English Conversation II

International English

International English II

College English

Screen English

English Drama the Easy Way

Enjoy Talk in English

English Etiquette

Gyeongju University Mentoring Program


Adjunct Professor of Education, North Park University

June 2007 to June 2011, Chicago, Illinois


Education 5215: Educational Research Methods

Education 5210: Understanding Research Design and Program Evaluation

Education 5310: Curriculum Theories and Instructional Strategies

Education 5220: Assessment and Evaluation


Adjunct Faculty in American Government, Westwood College

June 2005 to December 2010, Woodridge, Illinois


Humanities 420: Contemporary History

Sociology 423: Political Science

Sociology 299: Technology and Society

History 107: American Government

History and Government Teacher, Lincoln Park High School
January 2001 to January 2012, Chicago, Illinois

Extended Essay Coordinator for the International Baccalaureate Program

International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge
Advance Placement United States Government and Politics
Double Honors, Honors, and Regulars United States History

Double Honors and Honors Law and Society
Team teaching experience acquired

Illinois YMCA Youth and Government Faculty Advisor

Visiting Professor & Editor, Kyungpook National University
January 2000 to December 2000, Taegu, South Korea

Edited academic articles written by Kyungpook National University faculty
For-credit classes in English Conversation, Writing, and Grammar
Six-week Intensive English Language Program, KELP (Korean English Language Program)

Student Teacher, Lincoln Park High School
August 1999 to December 1999, Chicago, Illinois

Double Honors level United States History
Regulars level Law and Society
Debate Team Coach

Historical Docent, Chicago From the Lake
May 1999 to September 1999, Chicago, Illinois

Lectured on Chicago history and architecture during boat tours on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River

Political Science Instructor, Triton College

January 1998 to August 1999, River Grove, Illinois

Political Science 150: American Government, Organization, and Powers

English as a Second Language, Advanced Conversation, Writing, and Grammar

English As A Foreign Language Instructor, YBM/ELSI Pusan

June 1995 to July 1997, Pusan, South Korea

English Conversation, Writing, and Grammar for South Korean university students and adults at a private institute for English Language Services International and YBM/Sisa-Yong-O-Sa
Taught all levels from beginner to advanced
Supervised the writing and publishing of student newsletter
Organized, supervised, and instructed student debate club


Illinois State Board of Education High School Teaching Certificate Type 09
Endorsements: High School Civics, Political Science, United States History, World History

Grades 6-12




Senior Editor, The Story Exchange Website

September 2000 to January 2001, International


Read fiction and essay submissions and selected superior submissions for publication on the website

Edited published submissions and wrote brief reviews

Site originally created by Tracy Johnson and Tracy Bezerra of British Columbia, Canada and is unfortunately no longer an active site; Joe Geir was Webmaster


The World of Hyun Wook and Andy Crown - Computer cartoon art by Hyun Wook Choi-Crown, links and photos


Mr. Crown's United States History and Government Page - Links, class notes, and course overviews for my students at Lincoln Park High School


Adoration of the Korean: Expatriate Tales Made in Korea - My 105,000 word Short Fiction Collection


University of Chicago Department of Political Science M.A. Thesis: Racial Residential Segregation and Racial Meaning in South Shore - An interdisciplinary approach to understanding residential segregation in Chicago


Advice for Tyrants and the Possibility of the Good Life in Aristotle's Politics - An essay of political theory based on my reading of The Politics by Aristotle


In Pursuit of the Sublime Pleasure: A Consideration of Citizenship and Philosophy in Aristotle’s The Politics - One more essay of political theory based on my reading of The Politics by Aristotle


John Flory and Expatriate Liminality in Orwell’s Burmese Days -  Literary criticism based on my reading of George Orwell's novel Burmese Days


The Vain Quest for Certainty in Singer's Satan in Goray - Literary criticism based on my reading of Isaac Bashevis Singer's novel Satan in Goray


Familial Influences on the Intellectual Development of Young Isaac Bashevis Singer - Literary criticism based on my reading of Isaac Bashevis Singer's Memoir In My Father's Court


Integrity - Short fiction about teaching in the Chicago Public Schools


Classroom Management - More short fiction about teaching in tthe Chicago Public Schools


Filipino, Persian, and Hebrew Reveries - Short fiction set in South Korea featuring an international cast of characters


Caveman - Literature, love, and life's lessons learned in South Korea and Chicago


Brown Eagle - From Chicago to California and back again during the early years of a lifelong pursuit of wisdom


Jethro Woodruff: In Memoriam - Short fiction dedicated to the memory of a fondly remembered colleague


Red Moley - First written when I was in college, this recently revised piece of short fiction tells the Legend of the Man-bear of the North Woods


Truths Stranger than Fiction - Short fiction about a long friendship spanning multiple decades and continents, and the resulting e-mail correspondence between two writers with different  views concerning some of life's fundamental issues