I Will


By Andrew Lawrence Crown


Copyright Andrew Lawrence Crown, 2007. All rights reserved. 



Hold fast to your dreams

When lost you are naught

But a spectator in the drama of life

While champions strive relentlessly for their honor

You remain a fan, no more than an admirer

Mountains you once fancied to climb

Viewed now from the safe comfort of the vale

Where rivers run a lazy course

Through fields green enough

And flowers sightly though no longer wild

Suitable for one content

To leave the chase for glory to others

Dangerous peaks

Extremities of excitement

Obscured now by clouds

When you are underneath gazing up

Instead of ascending through

The grey obscure haze of difficulty

Whose conquest only permits

The victor to view the compass of the whole

The unity of creation

Inherited from the One

The largeness life presents a man

Fearless of setback and defeat

Who does not heed the pangs of doubt

Ringing the ears and the word impossible

Never was such a sorrowful end 

To hope so surely pronounced

Ignore it. Damn it. Remove it from your discourse

With the fellow philosopher who is the self

Pay no heed to the naysayers

You will commune with the stars from atop Olympus

So long as you sanctify the declaration

I will!